About Us

At Opticare Direct we go above and beyond to provide your facility with unparalleled vision care. Offering a wide range of on-site services, we are Florida’s number one choice in mobile eye care for seniors.

The Problem

What if you could help improve the quality of life for the seniors in your care and offer top-notch professional vision services?

Did you know that one in three seniors under the age of 65 suffers from vision-reducing eye disease? As such a prominent issue, we can’t turn a blind eye to the need for quality vision care for seniors. Yet, every year residents in advanced living communities suffer from vision impairment that reduces their ability to perform daily activities. This can lead to depression and other emotional and physical conditions that can tarnish the quality of life.

The Solutions

At Opticare Direct we enable you to offer your residents professional and compassionate vision care services that treat eye conditions and improve quality of life. By partnering with your facility, we create long-lasting relationships with your residents, supplementing care where it’s needed most. With a frequent visiting schedule, we bring your residents the professional eye care they deserve from the convenience of their homes.

Our Values







Frequently asked questions

How often do you visit our facility?

We work with you to create a schedule based on the number of residents in your facility and the specific eye care requirements of those residents.

How does billing work?
We eliminate the burden of billing by charging insurance companies directly.
Can you perform eye treatments for bedridden patients?
Yes. We have experience working with a wide population of elderly patients. If your residents are bedridden, unable to communicate, or non-coherent, we work diligently to provide a high standard of care modified to meet our patient’s specific conditions and requirements.
Do you work with Medicare?
Yes. We work with Medicare to provide our patients with hassle-free and accessible eye care.
What types of eye conditions do you check for?
We conduct comprehensive eye examinations that check for a wide range of conditions including cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, dry eyes, eye infections, macular degeneration, and more!