We partner with you to provide preventive eye care and treatment to your advanced living facility.

Administrative Support

Handling the administrative aspects of vision care can be a hassle! At Opticare Direct we take charge of the administration of care to streamline the treatment process for your facility and your residents. From billing insurances directly to scheduling follow-ups, charting, and more, our administrative department handles the intricacies of admin work so you and your residents can enjoy convenient service and professional care without worrying about the paperwork!

Optometry Care

We’re here to meet all of your resident’s visual health needs. Through examinations, treatments, and ongoing care we aim to provide optimal optometry services and preventative eye care to a diverse population of elderly patients. We specialize in a range of optometry services including:

  • Vision Assessments
  • Glaucoma Testing & Treatment
  • Cataract Detection
  • Retina, Cornea, Iris Examinations
  • Lids & Lashes Examinations
  • Eye Coordination Testing
  • Muscle Balance, and more!

Ophthalmology Care

We help manage the evaluation, care, and treatment of a vast range of eye conditions. Understanding that each of our patients has unique needs, we create customized treatment plans for conditions such as:

  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Cataract
  • Eye Infections
  • Emergency Care, and more!

Optical Services

Our patients enjoy a vast range of optical services. Whether your residents need a new pair of glasses, fresh lenses, repairs, or adjustments, we ensure that they receive high-quality, prompt, and reliable services. Our optical services:

  • Accurate Dispensation
  • Frames & Lenses
  • Glasses Repair
  • Filling Prescriptions
  • Adjustments, and more!

Care Management

We get to know your facility and your residents personally to stay on top of care management. From keeping up on appointments and check-ups to undertaking admin and billing tasks, we’re here to provide excellent care that improves the vision and overall wellness of the residents in your care.